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At any given gathering or when just a few were present one could often catch Mary and Bob in a room dancing cheek to cheek without any music.
It showed all of Libby’s results lying within a narrow statistical range of the known ages, thus proving the success of radiocarbon dating.

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In Call of the Cutie, Apple Bloom meets Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo and bonds with them over their mutual lack of cutie marks.For family relationships, see family and relatives.Mane Six • Cranky Doodle Donkey/Steven Magnet • Cutie Mark Crusaders • Diamond Tiara/Silver Spoon • The Equestria Girls • Fluttershy/Discord • Lyra Heartstrings/Sweetie Drops • Rainbow Dash/Gilda • Sky Stinger/Vapor Trail • Snips/Snails • Spike/Thorax • Starlight Glimmer/Sunburst • Starlight Glimmer/Trixie • Sunny Daze/Peachy Pie • Twilight Sparkle/Spike Alizarin Bubblegum/Celery Stalk • Apple Crisp/Ginger Gold • Big Mc Intosh/Cheerilee • Big Mc Intosh/Sugar Belle • Blue Moon/North Star • Bright Mac/Pear Butter • Brumby Cloverpatch/Duchess Precipita • Buck Withers/Lemony Gems • Buffalo Bull/Cherry Jubilee • Caramel/Sassaflash • Cranky Doodle Donkey/Matilda • Flash Sentry/Sunset Shimmer • Flash Sentry/Twilight Sparkle • Golden Harvest/Strawberry Cream • Holiday/Lofty • Hoofbeard/Jewel • King Sombra/Princess Celestia • King Sombra/Radiant Hope • Lemon Hearts/Autumn Leaf • Lucky Clover/Wild Fire • Mr. Cup Cake • Parasol/Silver Script • Pinny Lane/Theodore Donald "Donny" Kerabatsos • Ponet/White Lightning • Prince Blue Dream/Princess Golden Dream • Princess Cadance/Shining Armor • Timber Spruce/Sci-Twi Apple Bloom/"the boy in front of us" • Applejack/Jonathan • Buck Withers/Princess Cadance • Diamond Rose/Buck Withers • Emperor Incitatus/Queen Chrysalis • Feather Bangs/Sugar Belle • Flank Thrasher/Poindexter • Fleetfoot/Big Mc Intosh • Flim and Flam/Marian • Fluttershy/Sandalwood • Hayseed Turnip Truck/Rarity • Jonagold brothers/Granny Smith • Marble Pie/Big Mc Intosh • Pinkie Pie/Shining Armor • Rainbow Dash/"That guy on the baseball team" • Rarity/Prince Blueblood • Rarity/Trenderhoof • Spike/Rarity • The Storm King/Queen Chrysalis • Sweetcream Scoops/Big Mc Intosh • Sweetie Belle/"the boy in front of us" • Swooning Ponies/Feather Bangs • Tealove/Big Mc Intosh • Trenderhoof/Applejack • Zephyr Breeze/Rainbow Dash Cheerilee/Ponyville Schoolhouse • Chestnut Falls/Crystal Heart Foal Center • Inkwell/School for Gifted Unicorns • Princess Celestia/Sunset Shimmer • Princess Celestia/Twilight Sparkle • Principal Cinch/Crystal Prep Academy • Professor Flintheart/Snowfall Frost • Rarity/Charity Sweetmint • Ruby Jubilee/Crystal Preparatory • Spitfire/Junior Flyers Summer Camp • Spitfire/Wonderbolt Academy • Star Swirl the Bearded/Clover the Clever • Twilight Sparkle/Cutie Mark Crusaders • Twilight Sparkle/Starlight Glimmer • Zecora/Twilight Sparkle Coloratura/Svengallop • Discord/June • Flim and Flam/Silver Shill • Gladmane/employees • Mr. Cake/Pinkie Pie • Rarity/employees • Snowfall Frost/Snowdash • The Storm King/soldiers, commanders, workers • Suri Polomare/Coco Pommel • Trixie/assistants • Touring Wind/Bright Bridle Applejack/Winona • Blossomforth/hedgehog • Braeburn/Albus • Corral/Scout • Cromwell/Ripley • Cupcake/raccoon • Dewdrop Dazzle/duck • Diamond Tiara and/or Silver Spoon/dog • Discord/Quincy • Fluttershy/Angel • Goldie Delicious/cats • Indigo Wreath and/or Fluttershy and/or Lyra Heartstrings/dog • Lulu Luck/Calvin & Theo • Maraporean colt/kitties • Maraporean filly/Fluffy Bun • Maraporean stallion/Denise • Penumbra Quill/Firebrand • Pinkie Pie/reptiles • Prince Blueblood/Bunny • Princess Celestia/birds • Princess Luna/Tiberius • Rainbow Dash/Tank • Rarity/Opalescence • Said Thunderbolt/dogs • Spike/pets • Spring Song/Pearl • Sunflower/dog • Sunset Shimmer/Ray • Twilight Sparkle/pets (Princess Twilight Sparkle/Owlowiscious • Sci-Twi/Spike) • Yollotl/Bruno • Zipporwhill/Ripley Twilight Sparkle meets Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie in Friendship is Magic, part 1 and becomes friends with them by the end of part 2.A number of official material associated with the show refers to the six friends collectively as the "Mane Six".The six's close friendship serves as the main storytelling focus throughout the series.

In Top Bolt, Sky Stinger and Vapor Trail are best friends and have been so since they were foals.

The two try out for the Wonderbolt Academy, and Vapor enjoys simply flying alongside Sky, but Sky is unaware that Vapor boosts his flying with her own.

They have an emotional falling-out over this misunderstanding, but they make amends with Twilight and Rainbow Dash's help.

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are best friends; they occasionally express said friendship through a dance and rhyme: "Bump, bump, sugarlump rump!

" In Crusaders of the Lost Mark, Diamond Tiara is heartbroken when she discovers Silver Spoon didn't vote for her in the school president elections.