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Christie asked the media to “take the bat out” on Loretta Weinberg, a 76 year old Democratic legislator. It’s a clear example of both the opportunism and lack of loyalty that make up Gov. The last two executive directors were Christie appointees, which while not illegal, went against the nature of the commission (who typically appoint their own commissioner).

While there is no doubt that difficult conversations need to take place with a responsible eye towards revenues and expenses, Governor Christie has often insulted and demonized public workers.

Two years after he won the race, he was ordered by the court to apologize for the lies he told.

His opponents won a defamation suit against him (the amount of money that Christie paid out was never disclosed). 2) Christie raised 0,000 for Bush in 2000 and was named the US Attorney for NJ as his reward.

This was one of the major reasons that the Romney campaign decided to pass on Christie for VP in 2012.

To learn more about Todd Christie, his financial problems, and his brother’s help, click here.