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If you get in touch with the wrong guy, then you may be beaten up or robbed.

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“We will see Jake’s perspective on what happens on Election Night,” Scott Foley tells me. He disappears and there’s a reason why he disappears. It’s very important where he went, but that’s all I can say.” Hmm, could it be this?

fans will heart this: The Valentine’s Day episode on Feb. I can exclusively reveal that Debra Jo Rupp and Martin Mull will guest star in a March episode, where the duo hops from retirement home to retirement home scamming the elderly out of their money.

“We’re going to experience them in a way that’s going to be really, really neat for the audience.

Some of the people keep their sanity, but some of us kind of go bananas.” I can reveal that Cabe’s fears have to do with the fact that he’s dating a younger woman (Reiko Aylesworth).

But I can tell you there’s another familiar face set to return: Serial killer Dr.

Madison Gray, who is expected to bring more death and destruction to the island.

Any scoop on a possible return of Catherine on soon? — Sunny Inside sources say that storyline is definitely not over.

While Mc Garrett may be happy with Lynn, there’s a very real possibility we’ll see Catherine again.

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Young, white, educated, single, post-feminist and heterosexual, these women are simultaneously hyperromantic and hypersophisticated, struggling to reconcile ''liberated'' values with conservative political and sexual tides.When an eligible man approaches them in a bar and politely suggests that he and his friends join them, their instinctive defenses leap up, and they are likely to say, ''Get lost, creep!'' Directed by Wynn Handman, ''A Girl's Guide to Chaos'' is the 24th show in the American Place Theater's American Humorists series.Disapproving ‘rents are the least of Colt’s problems, though.Picking up immediately where last season left off, Heather shows up on Colt’s porch to tell him that she’s pregnant with his child.Colt eventually goes to meet Heather and tells her that they’ll make great parents.